Korechi presents RoamIO, an Autonomous Robot  enabled with Artificial Intelligence and high-precision spatial awareness to automate the most mundane tasks in turf and farm care with a high degree of reliability.

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• Repeatable autonomous navigation accuracy of up to 5cm

• Up to 440kg payload capacity and 2,200kg tugging capacity

• Battery life up to 8 hours

• Upgrade to hybrid power for a combined running time of up to 18 hours

• Collision avoidance sensors with dual emergency shutoff buttons

• Rain-proof and splash-proof enclosure

• Very low soil-compaction (less than 3 PSI)

• Get live GPS position updates and be notified about obstacles

• Expandable platform compatible with different functional attachments


  • Consistent results

  • Lower soil-compaction extends operations in Spring and autumn

  • Overnight operations possible with low noise output

  • Savings on energy, time, material, manpower and training

  • Lower downtime

  • Potential for earning carbon credits.

Deploy RoamIO in 3 simple steps:

  1. Use our simple easy to use software to  upload field dimensions

  2. Select the application area, remove any exclusion zones, select application width and direction to generate path – this is required just once per accessory type

  3. Load path on to RoamIO computer, attach relevant accessory and initiate run




RoamIO Autonomous Robot.jpg

Now works with the following tow-behind accessories:

• Mowers – Barrel and Rotary

• Soil Aerators – Plugs and Spikes

• Lawn Sweepers

• Spreaders – Seeds and Fertilizer

• Dethatchers

• Lawn Stripers

• Herbicide Sprayers

• Disinfectant sprayers