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Android APP Developer Wanted


Opportunity type: Contract
Duration: 12 months
Type: Full-time - 40 hours per week
Location: Oshawa, ON
Start date: June, 2021


  • Thorough understanding of Android GUI - minimum 1-year professional experience

  • Substantial Java fundamentals; generics, inheritance, polymorphism, decoupling, design patterns specifically event handling and the observer pattern

  • Base understanding of REST APIs (http requests). 

  • Peer to peer architecture as well as WebRTC would be an advantage

  • Experience with google maps SDK for Android would be an asset

  • An understanding of how computers work at the hardware level and operating system level would be nice, but are not required

  • Ability to learn fast and adapt to new technologies is crucial

  • Be comfortable with estimating and meeting deadlines

  • Will need to commute to Oshawa on a daily basis - this is NOT a remote working opportunity



  • Develop Custom GUI on Android Studio 

  • Continue development on an in-house Android application

  • Support an existing in-house Android application

  • Communicate with other developers, agree on protocols for exchanging information between robots and the Android application



  • Ideally a Bachelor's degree in Computer science or Software Engineering or a related field

  • 2 years of professional experience with Android development


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